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About Me

Fashion and Wellness are my serious passions! I use them to help you bring out your true personal style.

I’ve always loved getting lost in the pages of a good fashion magazine. Once inspired by a look, I hurry to incorporate it into my wardrobe repertoire.

When I put on an outfit, I evoke a feeling, I project and inspire emotion, and set a tone for a new experience.

I think fashion and style are truly an expression of personality. It’s a beautiful thing when one can express oneself so completely and manifest an identity that genuinely matches who they are.

I love to share my passion and knowledge about style and expression so that I can help ignite a personal confidence in everyone I work with. We are all free to create who we are, and we have the choice to show up in our lives as we wish, so I encourage my clients to fulfill their dreams and live the life they truly desire.

I’m also a scholar of Philosophy, Certified Life Coach, and Registered Professional Counsellor (cand). My Wellness Counsellor Diploma has been the perfect source of knowledge and experience to help me connect authentically with my clients.

I am grateful that my own struggles actually brought out the unique qualities that make up the expertise I now draw upon in my life and career.

I have an interest in how one’s self-expression directly affects how they experience the world around them. I would love the chance to help inspire you to turn your own challenges into fuel for your best life!


Vassilena Johns RPCc