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We can all be MILITARY

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Do you like the style of fashion idol Brigitte Bardot? In 1967 she rocked a beautiful figure-hugging military jacket and showed the fashion world that the “at ease” style is truly chic as well! No need to travel back in time, this fall we can all use this timeless staple to defy┬ástyle expectations.

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Whats Hot for Fall 09

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Current trends are discussed & examples are presented.

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Fall 2009 Trends

Sky high boots:


Make a high fashion statement with these incredibly tall boots! Talk about “Pretty Woman” you’ll be sure to impress.

Lace Up booties:


This trend is timeless and sophisticated, yet funky and edgy when paired with a short skirt or leggings. Go on, find the bootie look that’s you!

Gradient Shades:


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Such a chic and sexy style, it just keeps popping up through the ages.